Caterpillar 3126 engine problems

Home Forum Gallery Library. Cat Engine problems. Please share with me problems that I might encounter with a Cat. I am looking at Mainships some with Cat. Engines and some with Yanmar. And what are the some of the differences between the and the year models of the Mainships?

Thanks to all, hope to get into a trawler someday. On a 12 to 15 year old engine it all comes down to the effort applied to ongoing maintenance and a savvy prior owner. For details in gory detail sign up to boatdiesel.

Hundreds of threads to pour through will keep you up for weeks. On the Mainships a savvy prior owner would have successfully dealt with the brand specific issues such as exhaust system design problems Yanmar and after coolers Cat.

In both cases improper propping leading to overload will age the engine quickly. The they put in the Mainships are great. Ours is a2k hours with 0 problems since new. We run her easy, rpm and less. Would not hesitate to buy another. No multi-weight oils due to its Closed Crankcase Ventilation system. Originally Posted by sunchaser. Originally Posted by Trichamp. Originally Posted by ronlord. The after cooler issue is unique to thenot the The uses raw water cooling for the aftercooler, the uses engine coolant.

This change provided for more HP, but also increased the risk of corrosion. The in trawler apps should do just fine. The problems with this engine show up in high speed boats where engine has to run at a high power setting for long periods. Aftercooler fouling from multi-vis oil comes from blowby mist ingested into turbo, and heat of compression in turbo cokes the mist. That plates out on cooler and clogs it. In trawler service the turbo is barely making any heat so the coking issue is a non-problem.

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Probably can use multi-vis oil there too, and save some bucks. The low mounted turbo and exhaust mixer can be a problem, it is harder to get a good elevation on the spill point. Design of the rest of the exhaust system is critical. I've always liked the way the engines ran. A bit "diesely" as far as noise goes, but that's what an engine should sound like!! Generally cleaner burning than most, and low load efficiency is good.

I think a good match for trawlers, but definitely get the exhaust system checked out. This is moot if the PO ran it on the pins, as some misplaced trawler owners do.All Rights Reserved. Sam's Marine. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Caterpillar pros. Join Date Apr Posts I've read the threads that are critical about them. I'm wondering if there are any experienced owners of the same era 's not the later model "B" who have something positive and encouraging to tell me about them or is all the news bad?

The Caterpillar 3126 Engine

Thanks, Karl. Join Date Apr Posts 4, Images 4. Re: Caterpillar pros the 's are ok, the 's are iffy. If they are not overpropped and run reasonably, you have half a chance. Ask if the injector cups have been replaced. Join Date Apr Posts 9, Images Re: Caterpillar pros I'd find another boat. Join Date Nov Posts Re: Caterpillar pros pro's- you should be able to get the boat real cheap. When you go to sell it everybody is going to tell you how crappy the motors are.

Join Date Apr Posts 2, Re: Caterpillar pros There are 2 of those lovely boats on YW.

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One is the cheap one while the other is a dealer trade in and is expensive, relative term. The dealer says they changed the blocks and head castings on both engines. That should tell you something, eh? I don't understand why the dealer went to all that work and expense instead of just changing to better engines like DR. Jim did. Join Date Apr Posts 3, Images Re: Caterpillar pros. Originally Posted by Maynard Rupp. There are 2 of those lovely boats on YW. Lauderdale, FL "Though she creaks - She holds".

Join Date Mar Posts Re: Caterpillar pros If the marine cats are anything like the cats in the chippers and bucket trucks we ran,,I wouldn't hit a hog in the rear end with one of them much less two.

The Worst Engine Caterpillar Ever Made.

Cat got busy with the computers cutting cost and designed bare standard material in their construction to save cost. Cat used to build some good stuff,and they didn't care about competition. Now they build everything to cost standards rather than wear standards. Re: Caterpillar pros I sold mine which were s, to be fair, but they are not a lot different while they still had low hours, to someone who likes Cat engines and wanted them.

It was expensive and time-consuming, but I am not sorry. Cummins has been building the same basic 6-cylinder diesels since the eighties, refining them as they go along.FMS Customer asked a question.

This is on a piece of military Equipment DV deuce. We have tried everything sensors,pump,ecm,fuel regulator,etc When it first stalled it was like it was out of fuel so checked the filters and they were full so then we drug it into the the shop and started to T.

Hooked it to ET and it had two codes and a bad knock when turning it over. Changed injector six with o-ring the knock went away but still there is the and everything is new. Injection actuation pressure shows then goes to DIAG. The pump is new and I have had the valve cover off all morning looking for leaks. Should it be spraying or barely seeping or would it matter. The gauges we tried are crapp so I will try to round up a new gauge. With the budget crisis going on they want let us spend any money right now.

I am going to need batteries before long lol. I am gettting smoke but it looks to be coming through the intake any reason for this some out of exhaust too. And that bad fuel knock sounds like is back, i am guessing it is still not getting enough fuel. Still cant get this thing to run. I noticed this morning there is exhaust coming from the Air inatke, everything seems to be running right though. It just will not bust off no oil leaking fuel seems to be good same with the oil pressures.

Any Ideas. You have proabbly allready checked this but the fuel shut off solenoid is getting power isnt it? Skip to Main Content. Expand search.Please login or register. We are having problems starting the engine and the Cat helpline suggested that the problem could be the check valve in the fuel line, the the high pressure oil pump for the injectors or one of several other items. We have a good diesel engine repair facility near our home but we are concerned about how they can get good access to the engine.

They are accustomed to working on big trucks. There is one access panel on the floor in front of the closet. There also seems to be a panel under the bed, but we can't figure out how to get it off since the bed frame sits right on top of the center of that panel. There are three slides on our coach and one is the queen bed in the rear which slides out on the drivers side of the coach. We hope that we won't have to remove the bed from the coach in order to get access to the engine for this repair.

Has anyone had any experience with engine repairs like this especially in this model coach? Ken Carpenter Ken Carpenter, Jr. Administrator Sr. Richard, welcome to the forum. In speaking with Brett about your post, he indicated that the CAT help line provided the list of most likely candidates. The check valve would require access to the engine compartment from under the bed. Some of the other factors would not. How many miles on your engine? When were fuel filters last changed?

There may be other questions that will help in providing a more detailed response.

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Brett, who is traveling today, indicated that he would be able to respond later this afternoon. Yes, welcome to the Diesel RV Club. Does it start running, but running rough like all cylinders not firing and then smooth out?

caterpillar 3126 engine problems

Does it do it only when the engine is cold or also on restart after warmed up? Any smoke from exhaust when this occurs-- what color? Engine has about 65 thousand miles. The oil, oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter were changed about 6 thousand miles ago when we did all the grease points on the chassis. It takes about an hour to get the engine to start.

Crank for 30 seconds then rest for 3 minutes then repeat. Ambient air temp has been above 75 degrees. When the engine finally does start, it will not maintain a normal idle, it hunts up and down and we have to maintain pressure on the accelerator pedal to keep it between and rpm until the engine temp is at normal. After that it runs well and will re-start easily as long as the engine temp is up.

We talked to the owner of the local diesel engine repair shop and he suggested that we try disconnecting the IAP sensor cable from the ECM and then try to start the engine.

caterpillar 3126 engine problems

We did that and the engine started and ran at rpm idle with no hunting. He is ordering a new IAP sensor for us to install and then we will take the coach to the shop for them to check out the ECM to see if there is anything else that needs to be fixed. Hopefully, our problem has been solved with much less financial pain than we had expected.

I contacted Dave Atherton, a retired Caterpillar technician with a lot of hands-on experience. Here is his response : Hilooking over the problem on the Cat engine must be a E series on hard starting. One thing they did not say what event codes present. At this point they are guessing and throwing parts at engine yes it will light up engine but problems not found. Here is a little Insite on codes that should Present.Any content, information, or advice found on social media platforms and the wider Internet, including forums such as YBW, should NOT be acted upon unless checked against a reliable, authoritative source, and re-checked, particularly where personal health and liberty is at stake.

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Caterpillar 3126

Cat problem. Thread starter Mr P Start date 18 Aug Mr P New member. Joined 18 Aug Messages 8. After a good sunny weekend away we were returning to Pwllheli in our Azimut We have Cat engines. This is the second time this has happened after a day out! We call an engineer who had a look round, restarted the engine and could not see any obvious visual issues.Local Knowledge.

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Caterpillar Advice. Thread starter eldeek Start date Apr 5, Need some insight for those with knowledge of Cat 's.

I am putting in an offer on a 32' Albemarle with twin Cats [ horse. I heard that there were "soft block" problems with s and some s but I can not find any literature on it. Any advice would be appreciated. Ali Master of Nothing Admin. I dunno jack. That's a sick sled. Kingfish I've posted enough I should edit this section.

This is a good site to check. Feb 28, 52 0 garden grove Name dustin hastings Boat valco. I do know the is a good engine. I havent heard of anybody having any problems with them. Bottom Line Village idiot.

I talked to a buddy of mine diesel mechanic at Hawthorne this morning and he said that the is one of the Cat diesels that doesn't use sleeves in the cylinders.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

caterpillar 3126 engine problems

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hi folks I am interested in hearing from people that own a cat engine and have had problems with them expesially if the have dropped a valve.

I am on my third engine and have dropped a valve in each case i also know of at least three other people that have had the same problem. If you have had this problem please e-mail me and list the facts and your interest if any in being included in this class action. Searge Expert Expediter. Have over K miles on it.

Cat 3126 problem

Going to have my first valve adjustment done on it during my Christmas break. I have two of them and although they dont have a lot of power they are going strong. I did have some pretty extensive problems on one atbut I do not recall valve being a part of it, I will look back and see. Mine are doing well one is coming up onand the other just passedHave had oil pump problems but nothing else.

Good Luck What year is yours that is being such a problem? RaceMan Why Hug a tree when you can sit on a Diesle Fleet Owner. I forget what years were involved but there was a recall on the oil pump for certain years. You can call Cat and they should be able to tell you if your motor is a canidate for replacement. Thanks Dave. I did check into that and I bet you can guess where mine fell out. I know of at least 4 trucks 98,99, and two models that have the same problem my first engine broke a valve a miles overhead is always ran at or belowmiles and all other maintence is done at or before cat specs.

I have a cat with about k on it. I have had it only for a short period, about 20k mi. It is a FL So far so good. I unfortunately am unfamiliar with the valve problems with these engines. If someone could please fill me in on them, it would be greatly appreciated! When I asked a service writer, at a Freightliner dealership, what I could do to extend the life of the engine, he chuckled, looked at his mechanic, repeated the question to him, and chuckled again.

The mechanics reply was this, and I quote, "they are junk, be happy that you have'nt had any problems worse than what you have, and if you believe in God, Pray Then when I told the service writer that I had not touched a drop of oil in over 10, miles his eyes opened wide and his jaw nearly hit the counter.