Orna guide classes

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When you first start playing Orna, it can be very overwhelming. Below is a brief introduction to the game and helpful instructions on how to get started. You will be prompted to choose a class when you first start Orna. You will be given three choices: Warrior, Mage, and Thief. When you first turn on the game you will see a screen that looks very similar to this one.

There are monsters, buildings, and a map of your current area. There are several other things happening on this screen as well. When you first enter the Character screen you are greeted by this screen.

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You can also see you total Gold and Orns. Gold is used to buy things in the shops, to stay in the Inn, to get tips at the tavern, and to upgrade gear. Orns are used to purchase classes, pets, orn shop items, subclassesbuild buildings, and upgrade you gear. At the very bottom you will see the current version being. This menu gives you a list of the spells or skills you currently have epuipped. To select a new spell or skill, click one of the boxes and chose a new skill.

Different classes have different numbers of skills the can equip. Check the Classes page for more info. Clicking the Kingdom screen will either invite you to create a new kingdom or join an existing kingdom.

If you are already a member of a kingdom, you kingdom information screen will pop up.

orna guide classes

For more info see Kingdoms. The options menu will allow you to turn on or off the sound, receive notifications, disable animations, put the game in Dark mode, see the monster levels on the overworld map, auto dismantle, and go into caster mode.

From this screen, you can also contact the developer for feedback.

orna guide classes

You can sign out further down on the page. Inventory will show you a list of items and gear that you currently possess. If you click on the item or gear it will give you information about that item or gear. You will also be able to lock gear or dismantle it.

Locking gear will make is do the gear cannot be dropped or dismantled. Dismantling gear will break it down to the materials need to upgrade the gear. To equip the gear simply click on the box and chose the gear you wish to equip.

Equippable gear is restricted by class. Gold and Orn are used throughout the game to make purchases. It will also let you know how much XP you need to get to the next level, how much health you have, how much mana you have, and your stats. One the very bottom is a link to the Leaderboard which shows you the top players in the world.

Level is weighted 10x more than the other two categories. This page shows you your progress towards completing a list of achievements. Each achievement has 5 tiers and rewards you with a set number of Orns. In the Customize menu you can choose your class or purchase a new class. You can also choose or purchase a new subclass after level You can change your characters appearance.

Lastly, you can change your character name, email address, and password. In the upper right hand corner of any of the character screens you will see a small scroll icon.Specializations offer unique skills and a boost to stats. Specializations are unlocked once a player reaches level The first specialization selected is free.

However, unlike classes, switching between specializations costs Orn every time, regardless of whether you bought the specialization before. When switching specialization, you will lose the skills and stat bonuses of the previous specialization. An agile warrior that can focus all might into strong physical attacks. Learns both offensive and survivability skills. A ruthless warrior that seemingly fights without self preservation. Learns strong attacks and buffs. An experienced fighter that specializes in fighting against the forces of magic.

Learns anti-magic skills. A well educated magic user that deals extra damage when exploiting enemy weaknesses. Learns elemental imbuing spells that deal extra damage to those weak against it. An advanced magic user that can cast cosmic magic, capable of damaging and debuffing an opponent.

An advanced magic user that can cast healing and defensive spells. Learns healing and Holy magic. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.Rogue getting a lot of love - and I wholeheartedly approve!

I played a Knife Master Scout in my previous campaign! Wow, just stumbled across this and I am so happy. This is really really awesome. Thank you so much, I'm already linking it to all of my friends who play pathfinder! This spell lasting an hour a level essentially gives you a move equivalent action each round. In conjunction with the Handy Haversack you could have anything you had on you in your hand and still be able to take a full round of actions.

Thanks, fixed.

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The Races of Pathfinder link under General Character Building is outdated and a duplicate besides being outdated of the Guide to Races link under Other. The "Fist of the Heavens! A Guide to the Champion of Irori" links to a blank document.

Super Useful.

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Your awesome collection could use some more awesome. Stream of Sky has you covered with this excellent Witch handbook. Hey, I was recommended to tell you that I finished my guide to the Holy Vindicator, and to ask you to add it to this page. Great guide, and sorry it took so long to add - I've been out of the country for a few weeks. Is there a discussion page floating around as well? I actually made one just now.

Zurrs-Guide-to-the-Holy-Vindicator Thank you for your compliment, and no worries about the lateness. There seem to be some that don't carry over. Thanks for this incredibly useful compilation! However, Axe's Guide to Finding Divinity cleric guide leads to amaybe you'd like to check or take the link down. It looks like Axe's guide is down permanently. I'll poke around, but take it off the list for now. Thanks for pointing that out!

Note that when a guide goes defunct, look on the wayback machine. That's awesome, thanks. I packrat all the optimization guides, and even keep revision history on the google docs ones. Hi I noticed your druid section is a little sparse, and this is a really good druid handbook. Looks good, but I believe the handbook is for 3. These guides are for Pathfinder.

I've added a new Summoner guide as none of the existing ones worked for the way I was playing. Looks good and added. Do you have a discussion on a forums somewhere for it as well? Also, you might want to lower the font size a few points, so its a bit easier to scroll through.

Now i'm working on a guide of the Loremaster and one of the Transmuter Wizard. Revisions pending final release, here's a short guide for the Slayer from the Advanced Class Guide.

Do you have a discussion link somewhere? I suggest you make a forum post so people can critique and suggest items for your guide.


Let me know when you do that and give me the link.When you begin Orna, you have your choice between three starting classes. You get your first class choice for free. Your choices are Mage, Warrior, or Thief. After choosing, all other starting classes cost Orn. There are no prerequisite classes, so a Mage could become a Rogue, for example.

All classes have male and female versions. Everything about the two versions is the same; only the name and the sprite may change. You can change your gender from the "Customize character" menu for free at any time. A melee class who favors physical attacks and brute strength over magic.

Can wield most weapons and armor. A fighting class that favors defense and HP over magic and skills. Can wield heavier armor and weapons. Cost: 10, orns. A warrior trained in the art of defensive techniques. This class favors skills that allow them to outlast the opponent. Cost: 50, Orns. A powerful mage who further favors magic over all else.

Can wield archistaffs and robes. Cost: 10, Orn. An even more powerful mage who practices magic of dark and light. A tricky fighting class that favors speed and damage over defense.Orna is a classic-style RPG that augments your true globe. Have fun turn-based combat, collect and make batter your weapons and armor, learn spells, war bosses, and claim true globe landmarks with your mobile smartphone, wherever you are.

Josh Bergasse: Love the aesthetic and there's a ton of various classes to test out. Plus it's fun competing for my neighborhood. Scratches the RPG itch without needing to level a million times to have fun. Can't wait for an modernize.

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Search apps, write questions and answers.A skilled individual who favours magic over strength. Can wield staves and robes. A tricky fighting class that favours speed and damage over defense.

Can wield daggers, bows, and some swords. A melee class who favours physical attacks and brute strength over magic. Can wield most weapons and armor.

A powerful mage who further favours magic over all else. Can wield archistaffs and robes. A fighting class that favours defense and HP over magic and skills. Can wield heavier armor and weapons. Protection Lvl 20Threaten Lvl A soldier of the Earthen Legion that has mastered the arts of the ground below them.

An elite warrior who decides those who may fall and those who may live in battle. Can wield heavier armor and weapons and practices elemental attacks. Passive skills: Critical HitsValhallan Way. A fighter well versed in various weaponry. Passive skills: Critical HitsApothecarist. Passive skills: Critical HitsMana Step. A mage of the Frozenguard that has mastered the arts of the cold. A rogue of the Inferno Knights. This fighting class can learn rare fire magic.This app will create a class notebook, which includes three types of sub-notebooks:.

Student Notebooks — private notebooks that are shared between each teacher and their individual students. Content Library — a notebook for teachers to share course materials with students. Teachers can add and edit its materials, but for students, the notebook is read-only. Collaboration Space — a notebook for all students and the teacher in the class to share, organize, and collaborate. In addition, we have released the Class Notebook Add-in, which is a useful tool to help make Class Notebooks even more efficient for teachers.

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orna guide classes

Be sure to click Save after renaming student sections. Adding student sections — To distribute a new section to all students, click the Add section button. Be sure to click Save after adding student sections.

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